East Texas University


To most appearances, Pinebox is just like any other town. Well, any other town in Texas, that is, because as most of us know Texas is a very special place to start with. Texans are fiercely independent and as proud of their heritage as they are the size of the mosquitoes and other critters that always seem to be just a little bigger there.

Nestled near Pinebox is East Texas University, usually just “ETU” to the locals. Students from all over the world attend the small but respected college. Some of them even survive it. You see, Pinebox isn’t just like any other town. It’s plumb weird.

Dramatis Personae

David Allen Zabloski (The Global Inquisitor)
(Adjunct Journalism Professor)

Garage Gamers Group:

ETU Undergraduate Joseph Amsterdam
ETU Undergraduate Zachary Lore
ETU Undergraduate Richard Raynland
ETU Undergraduate Richard Skald
ETU Undergraduate Justin Wellstone

Student Body:

ETU Freshman Jim Kuwarsky


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